"I'm a smoked fish nut, and the smoked fish at Port City Smokehouse is the best I've had--the smoked salmon is awesome!"
- Frank Spadafore, Cleveland Ohio


"I'm hooked on their Cherry Salsa. Port City Smokehouse is top notch and a really cool place."
- Ross Thorsen, Elberta Mich


"Usually, I'm not a big fish eater, but the smoked whitefish pate is great! My kids love it as well, especially my 3 year old who would eat a whole tub by himself for dinner. My favorite is the Cherry and berry products, especially the chocolate covered cherries and dark chocolate Razzcherries. Thanks for making that great food available!"
- Sue, Ada, Michigan


"I have enjoyed whitefish pate throughout the Great Lakes region but none finer than Port City Smokehouse's! For a family get together, I put out some pate, crackers and smoked salmon along with the other 'usual' party snacks - an hour or so into the night the only thing left was potato chips and pretzels."
- Patrick Moug Buoy 22 Films