"I'm a smoked fish nut, and the smoked fish at Port City Smokehouse is the best I've had--the smoked salmon is awesome!"
- Frank Spadafore, Cleveland Ohio


"I'm hooked on their Cherry Salsa. Port City Smokehouse is top notch and a really cool place."
- Ross Thorsen, Elberta Mich


"Usually, I'm not a big fish eater, but the smoked whitefish pate is great! My kids love it as well, especially my 3 year old who would eat a whole tub by himself for dinner. My favorite is the Cherry and berry products, especially the chocolate covered cherries and dark chocolate Razzcherries. Thanks for making that great food available!"
- Sue, Ada, Michigan


"I have enjoyed whitefish pate throughout the Great Lakes region but none finer than Port City Smokehouse's! For a family get together, I put out some pate, crackers and smoked salmon along with the other 'usual' party snacks - an hour or so into the night the only thing left was potato chips and pretzels."
- Patrick Moug Buoy 22 Films

"Super find. Great place for fish. My wife and I discovered this place after the wonderful aroma hit us riding the Bestie Valley bike trail. We stopped in for dinner and were helped by friendly staff and a great tasting, freshly made perch and walleye dinners. The fish was fried to perfection and and the fries and coleslaw were excellent too."    - Bryan Stewart, Google Review

"Awesome fried fish! We wound up going to this place 3 times in 3 days and would have gone more if we were staying longer in Frankfort. All their fried fish is awesome, tastes fresh caught and serenely fried. Whitefish cakes and whitefish tacoes were also excellent, as was the trout pate. Cannot recommend this place enough. The best food we had in northern Michigan!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                     - Chris Grady, Google Review

"I get all my smoked fish items here. Port City is the Best! Excellent quality, selection. Pleasant people behind counter. Delicious sandwiches made fresh for you, too. Will always be a customer here! Excellent!"                                                                                                                                                                                                               - Elle Elsie, Google Review