At Port City Smokehouse we are proud of and pleased by the demand for our wonderful products to be purchased and shipped to customers all over the country.

But before ordering there are a few issues to be aware of. Because our meat and smoked-fish products are never frozen they can be temperature sensitive during shipping. We are diligent to insure that our products are properly prepared for the trip to your doorstep. They are brought to near freezing before shipping and dry-ice rated packs that are frozen to minus ten degrees are used as needed.

Still, to ensure our product arrives in great condition to our customers, our product must arrive via UPS within two days. In the states near us this is accomplished by UPS Ground. But, in states further across the country, shipments must be sent 2nd Day Air. This can be costly. 

If you have questions be sure to contact us.  

Online Ordering

To our customers who have enjoyed ordering online from us in the past, we regret that due to the challenges and costs involved in the shipping of temperature-sensitive product at certain times of the year and to different areas of the country, we are no longer able to deliver product on-demand from our website. The good news is that we are still glad to ship our great products whenever possible. So, call us and we can discuss your order and the shipping costs over the phone or via email.

Call us at 231-352-9192 or email to place your order.