Unique, Highly Acclaimed Upper Michigan Smokehouse (231-352-9192)

Port City Smokehouse is located on the Gold Coast of Lake Michigan in the historic harbor town of Frankfort, Michigan. Nestled up to beautiful Betsie Bay, in the area recently honored by Good Morning America as "The most beautiful place in America", Port City Smokehouse is pleased to offer the very best in North Country, Big Water cuisine.


Our whitefish, lake trout, walleye and perch come from the very cold, deep waters of the upper lakes and are the source for our exquisitely tasteful 100% sugar-maple wood-smoked fish and our wildly popular and richly flavorful smoked-fish pates. These fresh, local catches are also prepared “flash-fried” and are the cornerstone of our area-famous take out! All day we serve up quick and delicious fish sandwiches and dinners, smoked BBQ ribs and our award-winning pork sandwich.


Want something different? Enjoy our fine variety of hearty and robust turkey and beef jerky, deeply flavored with our unique wood smoked flavors. And don’t forget to satisfy your sweet tooth by trying our own line of "Fruit of the Dunes" candies and jams which feature the crisp flavors of local Leelanau fruits.


Whether you stop by on vacation, are just passing through, or live in the Benzie area, Port City Smokehouse is your chance to experience something truly unique—the finest in North Country, Big Water flavor.